PL400 - Programmable Logic Controller with Loop Detector

The PL400 PLC has been developed as a versatile controller for use in parking or access control applications. The PLC can be used to operate gates or barriers  where an inductive loop detector is required to sense the presence of vehicles. The fact that the controller is programmable enables the user to program their own unique logic requirements and not be restricted by a pre-programmed unit.

The PL400 PLC is programmed in ladder logic. PROCON’s PROSOFT windows-based PC software is used to generate the ladder diagram, compile the program, and then download the program to the PL400 via the programming port on the front of the unit.

The I/O consists of 8 digital inputs and 4 relay outputs. The inputs are opto-isolated and a built in field supply is used to power the inputs so no external power supply is required. The PLC has a user programmable toggle switch on the front, which can be incorporated into the ladder program as manual inputs. Two led’s are also provided for user functions.

All wiring is done with screw terminals on removable connectors.

The programming port requires the use of a special adaptor to connect it to an RS232 communications port of a PC. This port supports the Modbus RTU protocol and all of the internal registers and I/O status can be accessed through this port.

PL400 - Programmable Logic Controller with Loop Detector

Order Codes

  • PL400F - PLC - 8DI 4RO
  • PL400FL - PLC - 8DI 4RO including loop detector
  • PLPROGCBL - PL400 programming cable - RS232

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PL400 - Programmable Logic Controller with Loop Detector

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