PC6DIO - 6 Digital Input / 6 Output Module

The PC6DIO module is a 6 channel digital input and 6 channel digital output module.

The inputs are isolated from the logic by opto-couplers and are designed to be switched to positive (common negative). The inputs have internal counters associated with them. These counters are 32 bit counters allowing a count value from 0 to 4294967295.

The 6 digital outputs are open drain MOSFET (N-TYPE). The outputs may be used to drive lamps or external relays when more drive capability is required. The outputs are isolated from the logic and they share a common negative terminal.

The module plugs into a special bus connector which fits inside the DIN rail. The power supply voltage and the CAN bus signals are connected via this bus connector.

The CAN interface is electrically isolated and is compliant with ISO 11898.

The module has been equipped with status led’s which are used to indicate the status of the Inputs and communications. This visual indication assists with fault finding and diagnostics.

The CANopen node ID and bit rate can be setup by DIP switches or software.

Power Supply

Logic Supply Voltage

12 -24 Vdc

Logic Supply Current

37mA @ 12V / 21mA @ 24V

Field Supply Voltage

12 -24 Vdc

Field Supply Current

6mA @ 12V / 6mA @ 24V

Digital Inputs

Input Points


Input Voltage Range

12 – 24 Vdc

Input Current per input

2mA @ 12Vdc / 4mA @ 24Vdc


1500Vrms between field and logic

Typical ON/OFF Delay

< 1ms with filter disabled



1 to 6


32 Bits


5KHz (max)

Pulse Width

100us (min)

Digital Outputs

Output Points


Maximum Voltage

48 Vdc

Maximum Current

0.5A per output

On-state resistance

0.55 ohms

Output update rate

< 1ms


1500Vrms between field and logic



Error Control

Node Guarding / Consumer Heartbeat

Node ID

DIP switch or software

CANopen Data

Number of PDO

1Rx 4Tx

PDO Modes

Event Controlled Asynchronous,
Event Timer Asynchronous,
Sync – Acyclic, Sync – Cyclic.

PDO Mapping


PDO Linking


Number of SDO

1 Server

Error Message



Operating Temperature.

-20°C to + 70°C

Storage Temperature

-40°C to + 85°C


Logic Power and Comms.

5 way connector that clips onto DIN rail


6 x 3 Way screw connector on top and bottom

Inputs 1 to 6 are used as both digital inputs and counter inputs.

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  • PC6DIO - 6 Digital Input / 6 Output Module

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