PC4TCS - Thermocouple Input Module

The PC4TCS is a 4 isolated thermocouple input module. The module uses differential inputs to reduce effects of electrical noise and mains pickup. The thermocouple inputs are isolated from the logic and from each other.

The thermocouple voltage is read by the module circuitry, linearised and converted to degrees Centigrade. No ranging is required as the module covers the full range as indicated in the TC table. The value that is read from the module is the actual temperature in degrees centigrade to 0.1°C resolution. ie: a value of 3451 corresponds to a temperature of 345.1°C.

The thermocouple type is setup by writing a value to the Input Type register. Each thermocouple channel can be individually enabled/disabled and configured with the thermocouple type.
The module has built in Cold Junction Compensation for each thermocouple. Use must be made of the correct thermocouple extension wire to avoid reading errors.

The thermocouple module can also be configured for a 0 – 50mV or +/- 100mV input range.
The module plugs into a special bus connector which fits inside the DIN rail. The power supply voltage and the CAN bus signals are connected via this bus connector.

The CAN interface is electrically isolated and is compliant with ISO 11898.

The module has been equipped with status led’s which are used to indicate the status of the Inputs and communications. This visual indication assists with fault finding and diagnostics.
The CANopen node ID and bit rate can be setup by DIP switches or software.

PC4TCS - Thermocouple Input Module

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  • PC4TCS - CANopen 4 Thermocouple Input Module

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PC4TCS - Thermocouple Input Module

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