MD360 Series - MD360 Wireless Detectors & MD360C Controller

The MD360 series has been designed for parking and access control applications and is a cost-effective wireless solution for detecting vehicles to facilitate the automatic opening of security gates.

The MD360 Series Wireless Vehicle Detectors Combine magneto resistive sensor technology with a low power battery operated radio transceiver. This combination results in a self-contained wireless vehicle detector that does not require a loop or any cables to be run to it making installation times quicker.
The wireless detectors sensor detects changes in the earth’s magnetic field due to the presence of a vehicle, which results in a detect signal being output to the MD360 Controller.
There are two Detector Types, The MD360P ‘Puck’ has been designed to be buried in the road surface underneath the vehicle path. It is suitable for installation in any stable surface (bitumen, concrete, compacted earth etc.) and can be easily installed into a 70mm core drilled hole. The MD360D ‘Dome’ is the rugged surface mount variant which simply bolts to the surface of the road using the supplied hardware.

The MD360C (Controller) is a wireless control unit which enables configuration and output of the MD360P. DIP switches are used for configuration and LED’s are used for visual indication of the operation of the Puck. A relay output switches ON when a vehicle is detected.

MD360 Series - MD360 Wireless Detectors & MD360C Controller

Order Codes

  • MD360C433 - MD360 433MHz Wireless Controller Unit
  • MD360P433 - MD360 433MHz Wireless Magnetic PUCK
  • MD360D433 - MD360 433MHz Wireless Magnetic DOME
  • ANT-433MHZ-KIT - 433MHz Antenna Relocation Kit
  • MD360C868 - MD360 868MHz Wireless Controller Unit
  • MD360P868 - MD360 868MHz Wireless Magnetic PUCK

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MD360 Series - MD360 Wireless Detectors & MD360C Controller

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