CT100 - 4 X 4 Counter Module

The CT100 is a vehicle counter with 4 X Up Count inputs and 4 X Down Count inputs. The counter has been designed to count the vehicles in a parking facility.

The counter is initially preset to the number of empty parking bays. As the vehicles enter the facility the counter counts down showing the number of available bays. When there is no more space the output relay is energised. This relay can be used to switch on a full sign to indicate that the facility has no more space.

The counter incorporates battery backed memory and will maintain its count value during a power fail condition. The maximum count value is 9999.

CT100 - 4 X 4 Counter Module

Order Codes

  • CT100 - 4 X 4 Counter Module 220VAC
  • CT102 - 4 X 4 Counter Module 12-24VDC

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CT100 - 4 X 4 Counter Module

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